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1/11/2011 Radio Pocho

Bustin’ makes me feel good!

On this very special episode of Radio Pocho DJ Miguel Vargas and DJ Ren go around busting ghosts then fight in a karate tournament and win. Then they make a lot of money in the real estate business, buy a tiger, and marry Michelle Pfeiffer. Oh and lastly they prepare for their biggest fight by outrunning a bunch of kids on the streets of Philadelphia. If you haven’t gotten it yet, this episode features some of the greatest songs to ever be paired with a movie montage.

Matt Jones of www.betterthankanye.com joins us to talk about his new blog, his thoughts on the state of hip hop and the present and future sounds coming out of Los Angeles.

We also hit you with some information about TWO FREE TICKETS to see the LATIN JAZZ ALL-STARS at the DAKOTA JAZZ CLUB January 26th. Listen in to find out how you can win this week (Jan. 10-16)

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