December 2010 Radio Pocho Archives

12/7/2010 Radio Pocho

Hall and Oates! DJ Miguel Vargas has Grounds for Separation as DJ Ren is out sick (Say It Isn’t So). On this episode of Radio Pocho we bust out some Fotos y Recuerdos of our favorite late 70s mid 80s pop group. Hall Oates makes Magdalena look like she’s possessed by the Holy Ghost and have us saying Ay Mujer you’re such a Maneater.

But that ain’t it! We’re also Slapping Some Soul Into Me. Honey Please, Cant You See there’s a Yellow Moon outside and La Paloma needs some Papachongo and some Bilongo too. And like John Lennon we’re Watching the Wheels of your Time Machine to take us back to a Verano en Veracruz but like a Samba do Malandrinho trying to do the Lazy Boogaloo You’re Much too Soon.

HO on RP now you know Baby, I’m for Real.

12/14/2010 Radio Pocho

Perdi Mi Pocho de Radio On this episode of Radio Pocho we survive the blizzard of the century and celebrate with some Rock en Español, Soul, Salsa, and Rock in English. Enjoy yourself.

12/21/2010 Radio Pocho
12/28/2010 Radio Pocho