November 2010 Radio Pocho Archives

11/2/2010 Radio Pocho

Vote or Dia de los Muertos! On this episode of Radio Pocho we ask adonde van los muertos as we celebrate Day of the Dead. Leo Dan, Los Bukis and Los Tigres del Norte keep us reminiscing over you.

We also encourage our listener to go out and vote, otherwise we’ll play a whole set of Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, and Shakira on the next show! Don’t make us do it!

We feature tracks by Acapulco Tropical Cafe Tacvba which both have muerte chiquita in the title. Go figure.

Minnie Riperton takes us down memory lane with The Time, Michael Jackson, and the Temptations.

As always we keep it funky with tracks by Twilight, Rome Jefferies, and a Dexter Wansel track that will have you feeling the sweetest pain.

11/9/2010 Radio Pocho

Waitin for my Pocho What happens when you bring spicy pork tamales to KFAI? Engineer Sean says sayonara to his taste buds and we celebrate with some Cumbia Caliente by Jonny Chingas, Mazz, and Grupo Pegasso.

Mira Muchacha, Pochos also get down with reggae Didn’t Cha Know. Southern Califas represents with Umoverde, Sublime and Hawaii’s Pepper.

All the leaves are brown and we’re California Dreamin but Baby Don’t You Cry just Share My Joy. Sacatelo Bailando like Grupo Fantasma and get down like James Brown with Coldblooded.

And with Halloween behind us, forget the boogeyman and embrace the boogaloo as we make you Push, Push, Push with A Deeper Shade of Soul of Joe Cuba, Celia Cruz and Ray Barreto. Relax, sit back and listen. Do you and I’ll Do me for now, Until you come back to me.

Is that enough to get you to tune in?!

11/16/2010 Radio Pocho

Pure Grapes Momma! Pura Uva Mami! I know what Johnny Guitar Watson is thinking about Radio Pocho, I need it.

On this episode of RP, Klymaxx has a Meeting in the Ladies Room and Mariaand Hector are invited. So get ready to Dance, Dance, Dance with Marta Acuna, while Orlando Johnson Trance Turn the Music On.

Also Welcome to the Club where La Morena teaches us she’s La Dueña del Swing.

And when in Rome, I Belong to You but when I’m with Los Corraleros de Majagual it’s all Para Mi.

My Mama Used to Say that I Was Born A Free Man like Sunny Ozuna. But when I asked her if I could go out and play with Radio Pocho she’d get all Nat King Cole and say, Quizas, Quizas, Quizas.

Like Gilberto Gil, Tenho Sed (I’m Thirsty) for DJ Miguel Vargas and DJ Ren, so sit back with some O’Jays and enjoy the show.

11/23/2010 Radio Pocho

They Sampled It! On this episode we go back back and forth and forth with the jams we love and the original songs they sampled.

Plus Thee Midniters, Four Tops, Banda Uniao Black, Juanes, Los Panchos and much much more. And a couple jams dedicated to Janet Jackson in preparation for our show at Galactic Soul Lounge on Wednesday 11/24.

11/30/2010 Radio Pocho

1973 It’s 1973 on this episode of Radio Pocho and there’s Panic in Detroit. The Street Man is at the Right Place, Wrong Time. Valdez in the Country is out there with a Guaganco Te Dedico for Angie to Tell Her She’s Lovely. So Besame My Love and Stop, Look, Listen to your heart cause I Wanna Be With You.

1973 wasn’t just about Salsa Na Ma and a Primoroso Cantar. Dennis Brown might say It’s Too Late to reach Higher Ground but Watcha Gonna Do if there are Clouds in My Sunshine? Just Hang Loose and don’t be Evil. Sit back and Do the Strand cause Radio Pocho and 1973 makes it So Very Hard to Go