October 2010 Radio Pocho Archives

10/5/2010 Radio Pocho
10/12/2010 Radio Pocho

Girls It Aint Easy Yes that’s right DJ Ren is back from a three week hiatus. In this episode we touch you with some Mexican and Colombian cumbia. Let your ears explode with some sexy sassy’ funk and some Tejano music that’ll have you saying, If you need me I’ll be listening to Radio Pocho. As always we keep it sexy with some love injection in our weekly segment Slip Into Something Nice.

The Radio Pocho team is back and we’ll have you shaking that thang of yours.

10/19/2010 Radio Pocho

Those Goodies are Oldies! This episode of Radio Pocho is back to let you know, we can really shake’em down. Our mix of doo wop, bachata, salsa, funk and chicana rock will make yours a happy home. Hey even Morris Day comes through to ask for more a**ess wigglin

So come go with me because these oldies but goodies remind me of you.

10/26/2010 Radio Pocho

Stupid Books! Because it’s getting cold, we’re turning up the heat on this episode Radio Pocho. Grupo Bronco makes their premiere on our show alongside some other Mexican heavyweights Los Cadetes de Linares and Chalino Sanchez. Bronco conjures up memories of DJ Ren’s past!

But as always it ain’t Radio Pocho without some Funk Soul. Isley Brothers, Stephanie Mills, BB King, Xavier…with some much goodness it leaves us wondering….what cha gonna do with our loving?

We say goodnight with a sexy track by Felix Velasquez Oakland….
….can I make love to you again…sweet sweet love to you again in Oakland….