January 2010 Nuttin Honey Archives

1/16/2010 Friday Free Form
1/30/2010 Friday Free Form

CFTP’s 18th Birthday

1/23/2010 Friday Free Form

SAY IT ISN’T SO! Mick Novak is DONE rockin’ after nine years. I had always wanted to sub a Girl Gone Rockin’ show but it never was to be. Whenever I subbed a show I always tried to include a Girl Gone Rockin’ arc of songs but tonight I get the WHOLE SHOW! All the classics from the last nine years plus some songs that may not have ever been played on that show.
For this show we engaged the KFAI CREATIVE LAB to rewrite or do a cover of Ruth Brown’s “This Little Girl’s Gone Rocking” that Mick used as a theme song. The new arrangement pays tribute to Mick and the two versions of the song will serve as an example of some of the things the the KFAI CREATIVE LAB can do for other programmers and the station as a whole. If you would like to get involved in this project contributing your talents in any way or to learn music and program production (and video production) please shoot me an email at doug@dougthethug.com
If you would like a commemorative poster of the show, go to my website and steal it.
Heck, if I take a dirt nap think of how valuable it will be! hee hee.

1/9/2010 Friday Free Form

Liberty Finch hosts this inaugural segment of Friday Free Form—paying tribute to Mick Novack and the dedicated listeners of This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’ by spinning girl bands, chick singers and female recording artists.