May 2011 First Person Radio Archives

5/4/2011 First Person Radio

A member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibway, Heid E. Erdrich grew up in Wahpeton, North Dakota. Justin Kii Huenemann (Navajo) is president and CEO of the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI), an organization that’s bringing other nonprofits together to buy land for use by Indian-owned for-profit businesses.

5/11/2011 First Person Radio

Crow Bellecourt is one of the lead singers/manager for the Midnight Express drum group from the Twin Cities. They represent the Ojibwe, Lakota, HoChunk and Menomonee and Pueblo. Last year, ‘MNX’ as they are known were the winners of the Best Powwow album, at the Nammy’s (Native American Music Awards) for their album, “Band of Brothers” CD.

5/18/2011 First Person Radio

Robert Desjarlait is Ojibwe-Anishinabe from Red Lake, Minnesota. He is a visual artist, historian, educator and traditional dancer. DesJarlait has created numerous paintings reflecting the culture of the Ojibwe and has been a cultural mentor and advisor on numerous public art projects.

5/25/2011 First Person Radio

Arvol Looking Horse was born on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota in 1954. Raised by his Grandparents Lucy and Thomas Looking Horse, he learned the culture and spiritual ways of the Lakota. He speaks both Lakota and English. At age twelve, he was given the enormous responsibility of becoming the 19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe,