January 2011 First Person Radio Archives

1/5/2011 First Person Radio

We talk with John Poupart about strengthening American Indian communities through oral tradition and the sacred texts of the Dakota-Ojibwe. And how bringing together youth, public school staff, linguists, and American Indian Elders to conserve the stories and traditions of the culture can make differences to those who live in Indian communities.

1/12/2011 First Person Radio

Ricardo Levins Morales, an artist of conscience visits with us in the radio studio about his years with Northland Poster Collective as an activist and artist in the labor and social justice movements.

1/19/2011 First Person Radio

Travis Zimmerman and Nicole Lonetree join us in-studio to discuss American Indian museums. The world of museums has finally seemed to focus more on the American Indian point of view – not just from the perspective of showing more objects, but that of teaching the public what they have lacked for so long – the story of the American Indian, as told by the authentic voices of Indians themselves.

1/26/2011 First Person Radio

Indian education continues to be a tremendous challenge for educators and school systems. Join First Person Radio as we talk with two educators, Elaine Salinas and Joe Rice who not only practice in the field, but who are visionaries of what is to come next if Indian education is to succeed with Indian children.