December 2010 First Person Radio Archives

12/1/2010 First Person Radio

A special program with guest Clyde H. Bellecourt. He has just returned from the American Indian Movement conference in San Francisco which included a Thanksgiving ceremony on Alcatraz Island, in commemoration of 41 years since the original occupation in 1969.

12/8/2010 First Person Radio

First Person Radio–Dec 8: WHEN INDIGENOUS PEOPLE LEAD: A Pact with Bolivia – “If you are here, the land invited you,” participants were told by the General Director of Ceremonies for the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Fernando Huanacuni during a meeting at the presidential palace in La Paz. He went on to talk about the process of change in Bolivia under Indigenous leadership.

12/15/2010 First Person Radio

Today we talk with Walter Echo-Hawk about his illustrious career on behalf of American Indian people. And we will discuss his newest book: In the Courts of the Conqueror: The Ten Worst Indian Law Cases Ever Decided.

12/22/2010 First Person Radio

We talk with Larry Leventhal, attorney to Tribes and Indian organizations for forty years. He will discuss the recent Cobell Settlement approved by Congress, the Spirit Lake voting issue, and the Wolfchild suit to recognize that a trust exists for lineal descendants of the Loyal Mdewakanton.
This will be a fascinating discussion – not to be missed!

12/29/2010 First Person Radio

December 29th was the 120th anniversary of the massacre at Wounded Knee, SD. Our guest on First Person Radio that very day: Heather Cox Richardson, author of the book Wounded Knee.