September 2010 First Person Radio Archives

9/1/2010 First Person Radio

Mike Goze (Ho Chunk) of the American Indian Development Corporation joins producers and co-hosts Richard LaFortune and Laura Waterman Wittstock for a discussion of neighborhood housing needs and a new elder housing project coming soon to the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis, thanks to a HUD grant.

9/8/2010 First Person Radio

Listen to a wide-ranging discussion about the non-profit sector with guests Jon Pratt Marica Anvver.

9/15/2010 First Person Radio
9/22/2010 First Person Radio

Jack Jackson, Jr., a member of the Navajo Nation, is from the Near The Water (Tó’áhaní) Clan, and born for the Towering House (Kinyaa’áanii) Clan. His maternal grandfather is from the Water’s Edge (Tábąąhá) Clan, and his paternal grandfather is from the Salt (Áshįįhí) Clan.

9/29/2010 First Person Radio

This week’s guest is Elona Street-Stewart, chair of the St. Paul Board of Education. Street-Stewart is the first American Indian elected to the Saint Paul School Board and the first to serve on an urban school district board in Minnesota. She also chairs theAmerican Indian Family Center. Her focus has long been on multicultural and cross-cultural issues.