June 2010 First Person Radio Archives

6/6/2010 First Nations Radio

Danielle Grant is Director of Indian Education at Minneapolis Public Schools, and she shares her perspective and vision on past, present and future American Indian Education

6/13/2010 First Nations Radio

Rachel and Doug Limon are artists who join FNR in the studio, and they discuss their work and a new undertaking, with the Collections Focus at Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA). We are also joined by MIA’s Assistant Curator of Arts of Africa and the Americas, Joe Horse Capture

6/20/2010 First Nations Radio
6/27/2010 First Nations Radio

It is the 134th anniversary of the Battle of Greasy Grass (Little Bighorn) we recount George Armstrong Custer’s defeat. Today, we hear Floyd Red Crow Westerman’s popular song,‘Custer Died for Your Sins’ at the top of the hour. Clyde Bellecourt discusses regionally significant events; and a review LGBT Native news and Pride.

6/30/2010 First Person Radio

With the inaugural broadcast of First Person Radio (previously First Nations Radio) we are pleased to be joined by Winona LaDuke, calling in from the White Earth Reservation to discuss wind turbines, food security, environmental justice, and Native-roasted coffee