July 2015 Poquito y Bueno: A Short and Sweet Flamenco Show Archives

Due to technical difficulties at KFAI, Kristina is replaying a show from July 2014 that she called "Flecos Aflamencados," referring to the flamenco-like CDs she finds in the flamenco "fringe" section in Corte Ingles, that mix things like rock and roll music with cante por solea. This is one strange and fun show! (There is no updated performance calendar on this show.)

Due to serious and mysterious technical problems almost solved at KFAI, Kristina is replaying a show from October 14 featuring some cantaoras (female flamenco singers) who explore the palo of tangos.

For this show, Kristina replays an April 2015 featuring tientos by La Paquera de Jerez, Argentina, Capullo de Jerez and Miguel Poveda.

Kristina compares and contrasts fandangos de Huelva and Calaña, Bulerías de Cádiz and Jerez, and soleares de Alcalá and Jerez. This show is very educational in approach and Kristina talks over the music often, so it will surely drive some fans crazy. Kristina apologizes to them in advance.

Kristina explores the palo of bulerias and the various types of palmas (percussive hand-claps) that accompany it. This show is dedicated to the students in Anda's free Saturday morning palmas class, taught by guitarist K Kara. For more info on this class, contact krcro1@msn.com.