March 2015 Poquito y Bueno: A Short and Sweet Flamenco Show Archives

On this show from May 6, 2011, Kristina plays the music of guitarists Ari Malikian and Arcadio Marin and airs part of a fascinating interview with flamenco documentarian, Bill Davidson.

On this show from May 3, 2012, Kristina plays cantaores recommended by La Magdalena, and Susana di Palma and Kristina order a second glass of wine and have a frank and funny talk about pre-production night terrors.

On this show from May 2, 2013, Kristina plays cantaoras from her latest Spain CDs and interviews Teatro del Pueblo's artistic director, Al Justiniano.

Kristina is back from Spain, and she contrasts some new releases she just picked up with cantes on older CDs by the same singers.