December 2014 Poquito y Bueno: A Short and Sweet Flamenco Show Archives

Kristina has become enthralled with soleares, so once again it's a show of nothing but soleares, but this time it's the guys' turn to sing.

The December 11th POQUITO Y BUENO is a true grab-bag. Kristina has chosen palos and singers she wants to hear. There is also a shout-out to her current Tientos students!

By complete coincidence, it turns out that all the music Kristina chose for this show are palos in four counts that begin with the letter T – that would be Tangos, Tientos, and Tarantos. So think "four" when you tee up – or is that "fore"?

It's Christmas and this lovely, gentle show of flamenco Christmas standards will inspire your seasonal spirits even more!

Not quite done with Christmas yet, Kristina put together one more show of some traditional flamenco navidad cantes, though a few of them have detoured down the "nuevo" camino.