January 2014 Across The Board Archives

1/3/2014 Across The Board

DJSLT takes a night off before Bowie marathon (Jan 10th 12amcst-6amcst) and Noah Kaufmann of kfai.org/synthwaves navigates the show through some of the best New 80s synth tunes of 2013. Enjoy and be sure to check out synthwaves here www.facebook.com/synth.waves

1/10/2014 Across The Board

7th annual Bowie Birthday Bash

1/17/2014 Across The Board


1/24/2014 Across The Board

DJ Musically Rich takes over Across The Board for the week!

1/31/2014 Across The Board

Synthwaves takes over as host on ATB. Guests Ross Trinkus of Phaserland stops by as well as local filmmaker and comedian Jonny Sedah.