May 2018 Across The Board Archives

What time is it? If Ken Nordine's asking the question, it must once again be time for Weston East to fill-in for DJ-SLT, having just completed 2 hours in for Eric! By the way, happy May The Fourth… it's Meco time!! Our Star Wars set also takes in Pannonia Allstars and Boris Midney.

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Celebrating Trent Reznor's birthday with a solid 90 minutes dedicated to the man.


Enjoy, DJ SLT


R – Requests

N – New Music

X – Lyrics


“In recognition of freedom of speech protections in the First Amendment and the FCC’s relaxed policy on late night/overnight language, this KFAI program may include song lyrics some listeners find objectionable. Listener discretion is advised.”


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13th Chime – Coffin Maker 4:34

(Complete Discography / 13th Chime)

45 Grave – The Plan 2:03

(Autopsy / Enigma)

Virgin Prunes – Pagan Love Song 3:28

(The Hidden Lie / Baby Records International)

Xmal Deutschland – Incubus Succubus II 4:29

(Goth Rock vol 1 / Cleopatra)

The Birthday Party – Mr. Clarinet 3:45

(The Birthday Party / 4AD)

45 Grave – Surf Bat 1:17

(Sleep in Safety / Enigma)

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