February 2015 Encuentro Archives

This program presents a full hour of women voices from Brazil, as well as music from the Andes and music from Mexico.

This program is entirely dedicated to songs about love, romance & heartbreaks —a (sort of) celebration of Valentine’s Day.

En este programa se escuchan canciones de amores, desamores, pasiones, ilusiones, desengaños, coincidencias, desencuentros, suspiros, patetismo, quebrantos. . . —incluyendo, por lo menos, llantos, moqueo, gritos, sombrerazos. . . y uno que otro pujido.

This program presents a “recalentado del día de San Valentin” —yet more songs about love, romance and heartbreaks, but now from the folk tradition.

This ENCUENTRO was preempted as KFAI presented a live broadcast from the Walker Art Center of the Campbell Brothers as they mark the 50th anniversary of the release of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”.