January 2014 Encuentro Archives

1/2/2014 Encuentro

This program was hosted by Jovita Morales. Gilberto will be back to “Encuentro” starting next week.

1/9/2014 Encuentro

This program presents a Mexican postcard (sounds, voices, light & feeling) and songs from the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).

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1/16/2014 Encuentro

This program includes music from Cuba and interpretations by the Uruguayan Alfredo Zitarrosa. It also presents Mexico revisited and a few “cantautores”.

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1/23/2014 Encuentro

This program presents Arsenio Rodríguez from Cuba, Portuguese Fado, music from Brazil and Argentina, and snow-melting Mariachi, plus the second segment in memory of Alfredo Zitarrosa.

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1/30/2014 Encuentro

This program presents music from the Andes and from Oaxaca, Mexico, plus Pete Seeger and the Spanish Civil War. It also includes the third and last segment in memory of Alfredo Zitarrosa.

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