August 2013 Encuentro Archives

8/1/2013 Encuentro

This program presents music from the Andes, Fado from Portugal, a small homage to Luis Buñuel and Graciana Silva (“La Negra” Graciana), and “Sones Jarochos” from Veracruz, Mexico.

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8/8/2013 Encuentro

This program presents Cuban “Septetos”, music in celebration of Bolivia’s Independence Day, and music from the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico.

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8/15/2013 Encuentro

This program presents Mariachi music [both traditional (no trumpets) and conventional], Eduardo Falú, from Argentina, “Boleros” with Eydie Gormé and a small homage to Msgr. Óscar A. Romero.

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8/22/2013 Encuentro

In Gilberto’s absence, this program was kindly hosted by Paul Brohaugh.

8/29/2013 Encuentro

This program presents “Latin America in Mikis Theodorakis” —poetry by Pablo Neruda set to music by the great Greek composer & his soundtracks for “Estado de Sitio” and “Actas de Marusia”. The program will also include his settings to music of poems by Federico García Lorca.

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