December 2010 Encuentro Archives

12/2/2010 Encuentro

This program presents music from Argentina, some examples of Spaniard Coplas (including some “Coplas Asturianas”), and some popular songs by the classic Mexican composer Manuel M. Ponce. The literature segment presents the second and last part of the 1977 conference by Jorge Luis Borges “¿Qué es la poesía?”.

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12/9/2010 Encuentro

The first hour consists entirely of Brazilian music (among others, Rita Ribeiro and Dona Edith Do Prato, plus some Forro) The third ½ hour presents some music from Michoacán, Mexico. The literature segment presents literature from the Mexican Revolution: “La fiesta de las balas”, by Martín Luis Guzmán.

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12/16/2010 Encuentro

Christmas and End of the Year celebrations is the theme of the music presented in this program, including examples from all over Latin America and Spain. The Literature segment presents a few short stories by local author María Alicia Vetter.

12/23/2010 Encuentro

in Gilberto’s absence, this Encuentro is hosted by Miguel Vargas from “Radio Pocho”.

12/30/2010 Encuentro

In Gilberto’s absence this Encuentro is hosted by MJ Gilmore from “Live from Studio 5!”.

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