December 2013 Freewheelin' Archives

Cactus Blossoms stopped by with their new release recorded live at the Turf Club. Music by Taj Mahal, Harmonica Fats, Liquor Pigs, Pokey Lafarge, Texas Tornadoes, Nina Simone, Steve Earle, and much more. Click “Episode Details” to check out the playlist and link into the archive.

Lots of guests today: Sir Gregory of the Fuck Knights stopped by with a handful of vinyl he picked up in Europe; Jillian Rae came in with a guitar and her new CD; and Crankshaft brought in Kevin James Pertinen and Tony Comeau, with instruments and new CD. Other music included Dave Alvin, John Hiatt, Ted Hawkins, and Crankshaft. Wanna’ give it a listen? Click “episode details” for the full playlist and a link to the archives.

Thanks to Mark “Slim” Stevens for covering for me on this Christmas Day. Looks like there was a lot of cool music on the show, especially the blues.