February 2012 Freewheelin' Archives

2/1/2012 Freewheelin'

Steve Kaul and Mikkel Beckman of Steve Kaul & The Brass Kings plus Dave Babb stopped by the show today.

If you’d like to see a list of the songs we played, click the “more” button. You may also link into the archive of the show from that page.

New music included Otis Taylor, Mike Stevens & Matt Anderson, and Drew Nelson.

2/8/2012 Freewheelin'

Annual “Love Stinks” show. For those with a broken heart or have suffered the downside of love. Lots of cheatin’, hit the road, you’re a dog kind of songs.

Part 2 airs on Angie’s In Your Ear show….midnight Wednesday night, February 9th show.

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2/15/2012 Freewheelin'

Rockabilly….2 full hours of rockabilly, psychobilly, and other related stuff to get us in the mood for the Reckless Valentines’ Ball.

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WARNING: This show may cause your toes to tap.

2/22/2012 Freewheelin'

Dave Simonett of Trampled By Turtles and Dead Man Winter was my guest on the show today. Dave brought in some cool tunes and we traded back and forth selecting the songs to play.

Dead Man Winter, Randy Weeks, Erik Koskinen, and Molly Maher will be playing a concert at the Cedar Cultural Center, Thursday, Feb. 23.

Randy Weeks and Erik Koskinen will be play my Freewheelin’ 1st Friday show at the 331 on Friday, March2. Free show.

Want to see the playlist of songs we played? Click the “more” button. You may also listen to the archive of the show from that page.

2/29/2012 Freewheelin'

Austin, Tx. roots-rocker, songwriter extraordinaire Randy Weeks joined us in the studio this afternoon.

After chowing down at a local pizza establishment last night, we led Randy to our basement, where the cool music is stashed. We turned him loose with the collective goal of picking music to play on today’s show.

Randy picked most of the songs aired today; Angie and I selected a handful. Although, we all seemed to be on the same page and the music flowed. It was a pleasure sharing our musical journey with Randy.

If you’d like to see the playlist of songs we played today, just click the “More” button. You may also listen to the archives from that link.