December 2011 Freewheelin' Archives

12/7/2011 Freewheelin'

Thanks to Curtiss A for joining in with Angie Pykonen and me on the show today. He brought in a bag of great music, we chatted, laughed and loved sharing the afternoon with Curtiss.

WANT TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW? The archive is finally up and working….

If you click “MP3” below, you’ll be taken to the archive. However, if you click “more” below, not only will you be ablel to listen to the archive, but you will also be able to look of the playlist of songs from the show. Either way, it’s all coming your way in living stereo. What a world!!

12/14/2011 Freewheelin'

Guests this week: Jeff Cahill, Willie Walker & Paul Metsa; plus Angie Pykonen sitting is as she often does.

They performed, we chatted, laughed, and had a great time.

If you want to look at a list of all the songs we played on the show today, click the MORE” button. You may also like to the archive from that page.

12/21/2011 Freewheelin'

It was my Annual Holiday Music Show, a.k.a. “Not The Same Old Holiday Music Crap You’ll Hear On Those Commercial Radio Stations”. Clicl “more” to see the playlist.

It’s sort of a show built around the spirit of Robert Earl Keen’s “Merry Christmas From The Family”, which I’ve been playing since it first came out, circa ’94.

Thanks to Angie Pykonen for hanging out, keeping me centered, and generally putting up with me. And, thanks to all the wonderful listeners who’ve sent their love and kind words thru the years.

Peace on earth, goodwill to all of you. Jackson

Dipped into the eggnog and threw together our annual holiday show.

12/28/2011 Freewheelin'

Thanks to Alex Dalton and Kailyn Spencer, a.k.a. The Hooks & The Hollows, for appearing on the show today. Former members of A Night In The Box, the duo will be opening for The Brass Kings this Friday night at The Nomad.

New releases this week included Nick Moss, a live release by the late Sean Costello, The Bad Companions, Charlie Parr with Nick “The Feelin’” Mrozinski, and the most recent from Crankshaft.

If you have any interest in looking at the playlist, click “more” below and the list will appear in front of your face before you can say boogaloo. You’ll also be able to link into the archive from there.

Here’s wishing you a happy holiday season (what remains of it) and may 2012 be the best year of your life. I’d like to thank all of you for listening to me for all these years. Peace to all of you.