November 2010 Freewheelin' Archives

11/24/2010 Freewheelin'

Pre-Thanksgiving, get out of town soundtrack. I’d like to let you know that I’m thankful to all you listeners who have been listening to my shows thru the years. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Wanna’ listen to the archives and check the playlist? Click “more” to get there. The music starts about 4 minutes, 30 seconds into the archive, just after the news

11/17/2010 Freewheelin'

Angie Pykonen sat in with me today. We bounced around the musical map, as usual.

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If you’re going to listen to the archives, the music starts about 3 minutes in, just after the news.

11/10/2010 Freewheelin'

Thanks to Greg Carr, a.k.a. Hamilton Sense, for sitting in for me this week. Greg hosted the great radio show “Dig Up The Roots” on this station for many years. Man, I miss that show and Greg’s creative style, knowledge, and wit.

Today, he played all sorts of interesting material that fits under the Freewheelin’ umbrella. Also, if you listen to the archive, you’ll hear Doc Rock introducing Homer & Jethro’s “Hill Billie Hippie“….that’s worth the price of admission right there.

Click on “more” for the playlist and a link to the archives, where you may listen to the entire broadcast.

11/3/2010 Freewheelin'

Post-election show today. Kind of bounced around the map. New music included The Fabulous Ginn Sisters, Julie Neumark, Glen Hanson & Friends, Erik Koskinen, Cyndi Lauper’s blues cd, and Elvis Costello.

Next week, the legendary Greg Carr returns to the airwaves as my substitute. Greg hosted the sorely missed Tuesday morning program “Dig Up The Roots” on KFAI for many years. I’m sure he’ll have a musicial treat in store for you.

Click on “more” below to link over to the playlist and listen to the show via the archives. The music starts about 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the archive, just after the news.

I’ll see ya’ in a couple of weeks.