April 2016 TruthToTell Archives

Sex Industry: A Victimless Crime? Will legalizing prostitution in MN end human trafficking? TTT today will contain some adult themes as we discuss the myths and realities of the business of human trafficking.

Siobhan Kierans – Host/Producer

Charissa Roby, Open Eyes Consulting – Guest

If you were to run for public office what would your campaign song be? In this episode of TTT we will take a look, and take a listen to some of the political songs used in presidential campaigns over the years. From the current presidential hopefuls to Andrew Jackson's 1824 campaign we'll test our memories for the memorable and the not so memorable songs on both sides of the aisle.

Siobhan Kierans – Host/Producer

Earth Day April 22nd, 2016 – start celebrating Earth Day a little early with TruthToTell!

Join hosts Kel Heyl (CivicMedia/Minnesota) and Ken Pentel (Ecology Democracy Network) with guests Prof. Paul Safonov and Rep. Jennifer Schultz (DFL 07A) as they discuss the Genuine Progress Indicator as a quantifiable measure of results as opposed to Gross Domestic Products. GPI is seen as a more holistic, humane and sustainable metric than GDP.

Producers: Kel Heyl & Ken Pentel

Radical Roots: The Story of the Food Revolution

A small part of a bigger picture, about an IFP documentary-in-progress. The show looks at the young people who created the co-ops in the early 1970's, and the dramatic conflict that nearly tore the co-ops apart.

Hosts: Siobhan Kierans & Prof. Tom O'Connell

Guests: Tracy Lea Landis, Robert Orr & Roberta Malles

Producers: Lynette Malles & Siobhan Kierans