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8/1/2011 TruthToTell

In recent months, the United States government has chosen to sic this country’s legal machinery on individuals and organizations who dare to defy the administration’s official stances on the State of Israel’s treatment of Palestine and Palestinians. Minnesota men and women committed to peace and humanitarian relief for Palestinians decimated by Israeli firepower, especially in Gaza, have not only been detained and subpoenaed to appear in Chicago with only a scant notion of their accusations, but Palestinian sympathizers attempting to deliver humanitarian relief have been attacked or detain on the high seas and in ports of the Mediterranean. People have died at the hands of Israel’s military in pursuit of such aid in the name of national security.

8/8/2011 TruthToTell

It looks like it may be up to the children to help where we adults have failed
The Saint Paul Foundation, its Facing Race Initiative, and the joint initiative for face-to-face civic engagement efforts known as InCommons have joined in one project with a competition for relative modest grants challenging organizations and individuals in reducing racism in their communities. The kids won out. And we’ll talk to representatives of the two winners about their plans and projects. Let’s meet the winners:

8/15/2011 TruthToTell

What is the science here that make these people crazy and their cats throw up? We know that EMF waves can cause problems, but are these meters a public health nuisance by their size and intensity? Or not?

TTT’s ANDY DRISCOLL will talk with a couple of the advocates and a consultant who insist the science is solid that this is trouble pulsing away in our basements or water meter pits.

8/22/2011 TruthToTell

This week, we bring you an ENCORE of former Washington Post correspondent, T.R. Reid’s excellent talk last June, who spoke to a gala gathering of some 250-300 single-payer advocates at Macalester College. The event brought together the Minnesota Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP) and the Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition (MUHCC). Reid spoke about his experiences research and writing his book, The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care, on the differences among health care systems throughout the industrialized world and asking us all why reasonably priced universal health care continues to elude us even as our friends and enemies overseas and next door cover everyone from womb to tomb and still pay less than half that of the US health system.

8/29/2011 TruthToTell

We’re living through an era where the notion of the common good has been overwhelmed by the idea of individualism; me and mine. This is manifested on many fronts as you well know. One of the most dramatic is this worship of the Constitution as a charter of limited government. We’re also witnessing the denigration of the public sphere and the selling of privatization as the remedy.

Guest Host PROFESSOR TOM O’CONNELL of Metropolitan State University and Board Chair of CivicMedia/Minnesota joins TTT PRODUCER/HOST ANDY DRISCOLL.