July 2013 Archives

U.S. Supreme Court-ship brings happiness equally after to many; Prime Australian politics revive wedding wishes, Russian lawmakers and nationalists agree on homophobia, an anti-gay Macedonian mob attacks Pride, Sao Paulo comes out to mock Brazil’s “human wrongs” committee, a magazine cover captures Bert and Ernie’s bliss, and more LGBT news from around the world

Discovering everything possible about “Everything Possible”; The UN Rights leader has her say about Nigeria’s “Jail the Gays” bill; LGBT Pride deploys to Kandahar, and “Everyone Is Gay”; A bouquet of lawsuits bloom from the U.S. Supreme Court DOMA decision, marriage equality slips past Costa Rican lawmakers, Pink Dot takes aim at Singapore’s penal code, and more global LGBT news

A blog and a book were both “Born This Way”; Conan O’Brien heals Pat Robertson’s tummy ache; An effort to pass ENDA returns to the U.S. Congress;
A Colombian judge says yes to a gay couple’s marriage proposal, Kolkata Pride walkers question normalcy, the Tel Aviv LGBT Center massacre is redefined as a hate crime, and more global LGBT news

A gay countertenor sings the praises of “Oscar”; James Baldwin’s “Notes of a Native Son” get a timely reissue; A “Rainbow Minute” remembers Jim and Freddie; A political poet schools “The Straight Folks”; Queen Elizabeth crowns marriage equality, Mexico has its first out mayor, Okinawa dots its “i” in pink, and more LGBT news