April 2013 This Way Out Archives

4/1/2013 This Way Out

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is “GLAAD” to be gay; Exposing the pitfalls of Irish civil partnership parenthood; A New Jersey teen doesn’t kid Christie about “conversion” quackery; Australia’s new Sex Discrimination Act adds the “I” to “LGBT”, a trans anti-bias bill’s triumph gives Canada’s Tories toilet terrors, a Russian regional court rules that Pride is not “propaganda”, more news

4/8/2013 This Way Out

American Supremes mull marriage equality; U.S. gay military activist Lt. Dan Choi is convicted of a law-breaking White House fence-chaining Don’t Ask Don’t Tell protest, Paris police protect the presidential palace from anti-equality demonstrators, a Russian activist is beaten after his Pride is banned, Brits turn out for Turing, and more LGBT news

4/15/2013 This Way Out

What entertainer Leslie Jordan’s mother doesn’t want you to know; A Russian “Rainbow Minute” that definitely adds up; Uruguay prepares for marriage equality, a judge won’t register a gay Paraguay couple’s legal Argentine wedding, Gambia’s President calls gays satanic, Nepal’s Blue Diamonds are in the rough, civil unions spring from Arizona’s “liberal oasis”, and more global LGBT news

4/22/2013 This Way Out

The debut of “gay political power pop” that’s still “radio friendly”; Tradition fights liberation in Kyrgyzstan; France and Uruguay are each on the cusp of marriage equality, but a controversial clash derails debate on a similar proposal in Colombia, a Zambian activist is arrested for demanding decriminalization, Singapore, Montana and Virginia each confront sodomy laws, and more!

4/29/2013 This Way Out

Kiwi lawmakers and a retired Episcopal bishop address marriage matters; Paris protests get uglier as equality draws near, Ireland’s constitutional convention issues a marriage parity proposal, a half-baked policy change gets the Boy Scouts less-than-honorable mention, dozens of gay and lesbian high school students are expelled in Ghana, a celebrated Sydney crossing is robbed of its rainbow, and more LGBT news