March 2013 This Way Out Archives

3/3/2013 This Way Out

“Glee’s” Chris Colfer gets “Struck By Lightning”; The bawdy bard gets a queer companion; U.K. rights pioneer Allan Horsfall gets his “Rainbow Minute”;
Adoption laws get liberated in Austria and Germany but not in Puerto Rico, an Australian federal judge sees no bias in the country’s hetero-only Marriage Act, and more global LGBT news

3/11/2013 This Way Out

The possible consequences for Bradley Manning’s truth; President Barack Obama’s Prop 8 Supreme Court brief embraces equality; An inclusive domestic violence law finally clears the U.S. Congress; A marriage equality proposal flops in Finland and it’s 3 “civil partnership” tries and you’re out in Poland, but bills advancing marriage rites progress in the U.K. and New Zealand, and more LGBT news

3/18/2013 This Way Out

Invisible Athletes liberate the locker room; A gay survivor of 1950s British quack “cures” tells his story; Lesbians become “chic” at last; The F-words bomb in Mexico’s top court, Singapore’s second sodomy law challenge is heard, Michigan moms await the Prop 8 ruling for adoption rights, Greek trans-people win hate crime protections, and more news

3/25/2013 This Way Out

Veteran rights advocate Urvashi Vaid questions the status quo; A gay “beard” finds fun in Vegas; New Zealand is one vote away from marriage equality, Michigan’s Odawa Indians okay same-gender weddings, a civil unions law peaks in Colorado, Elizabeth’s Commonwealth speech disappoints “other grounds” activists, there’s nothing really new at the Vatican, and more news

4/1/2013 This Way Out

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is “GLAAD” to be gay; Exposing the pitfalls of Irish civil partnership parenthood; A New Jersey teen doesn’t kid Christie about “conversion” quackery; Australia’s new Sex Discrimination Act adds the “I” to “LGBT”, a trans anti-bias bill’s triumph gives Canada’s Tories toilet terrors, a Russian regional court rules that Pride is not “propaganda”, more news