February 2013 Archives

Gay inaugural “firsts” enliven Obama’s second; Russians okay a “no promo homo” law and look for gay tattoos, the U.K. government formally proposes marriage equality, Maltese civility and Kiwi nuptial equality take baby steps forward, a marriage-seeking gay couple drops their Taipei lawsuit, Rhode Island’s House approves marital parity, and more LGBT news

Bent-Con celebrates queer super heroes; Jon Stewart analyzes “Unprecedented Penetration”; Marriage equality “c’est bon” in France’s National Assembly, U.S.
Senator John McCain nixes gay-inclusive immigration reform, Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne becomes Canada’s first female and first “out” provincial premier, Tennessee’s “Don’t Say Gill Bill” lives again, and more news

The Boy Scouts of American and the National Football League intersect; A Black MP’s “less than equal” lament launches U.K. marriage equality; French troops save two Mali men from execution for having gay sex, Uganda’s Parliament reconsiders “Killing the Gays”, football allies in Melbourne and a Mumbai fifth and Hyderabad first mark LGBT Pride, the rainbow flag flies over Cambridge’s Guildhall, and more LGBT news

Determined Mongolians come out and get even; Bristol’s LGBT History Month observance brings tears and cheers; Activism brings backlash in Belarus, there are wedding announcements in four U.S. states but Thailand’s “Town of Love” rejects marriage-seeking same-gender couples, topless Parisian feminists celebrate Pope Benedict’s surprise departure, and more global LGBT news