January 2013 Archives

With copious clips and comments by their makers, our multi-award-winning entertainment reporter Steve Pride offers his annual picks of the best LGBT-inclusive moving images on big and small screens during the past 12 months in “PRIDE ON SCREEN 2012”

Ambassador James Hormel proves that he was “Fit To Serve”; Brazil barrels toward marriage equality but progress stalls in Uruguay, Taiwan’s top court pushes lawmakers to a hasty marriage proposal, wedding bells ring in Maine and Maryland, love texts and queer whiskey seal Cameroonian convictions, the sun will never set on Sally’s special spot, and more global LGBT news

Morning dawns for the L-G-B-T movement in Mongolia; “Tea Leaves” travel to Australia; Italy’s top court supports same-gender parenting, a gay Serbian wins his discrimination lawsuit, homosexuality convictions are quashed in Cameroon, Sweden stops sterilizing trans surgery patients, equality bells ring at Washington’s National Cathedral, and more LGBT news from around the world.

Words of wisdom from P-FLAG’s first mom; Movie icon Jodie Foster goes on a Golden outing; Thousands protest gay rights in Hong Kong and marriage equality in Paris, Australia’s P.M. assures the country’s Christian Lobby that it can continue to discriminate against LGBT people but the EuroCourt rules that secular rights trump religious belief, and more LGBT news