November 2012 Archives

Sapphic Nomads explore Independent Samoa; A Minnesota minister prays for marriage equality; Admirers Mark Ellen’s Twain;Gay activists take Jamaican sex laws to court, Cameroon legal advocates get death threats, New York’s highest court won’t mess with marriage equality, a Viking voices his support for it, and more global LGBT news

Backstage with a biblical gender-bender “saved” from “the cure”; Uganda doubles down on its gays-killing bill, record crowds celebrate Pride in Taipei, a trans crackdown in Kuwait lines up 11 for trial, the lawyer for Chilean gay-bashing murder suspects splits, gays and trans-people break electoral glass ceilings in Chile and Italy, the same old gospel links sin and super-storm Sandy, and more LGBT news

Perfection at the polls in Maine, Washington, Minnesota and Maryland for U.S. marriage; Tammy takes the Senate, and a few disappointments don’t sour dozens of electoral successes for other “out” candidates; and the Aussie Big Brother winner’s heartwarming en-gay-gement!

The legendary exploits of Ivy’s league; Nigeria and Uganda weigh heavy anti-gay laws, Uruguay and France argue marriage equality, Spain’s top court nixes nuptial naysayers, the U.S. Supreme Court delays a DOMA decision, critics challenge a lesbian moms book and a gay penguins play, but Danish birds don’t duck dads’ responsibilities, and more LGBT news from around the world