February 2012 This Way Out Archives

2/5/2012 This Way Out

Novelist Michael Cunningham discusses creativity “Before Nightfall”;
The Euro-Parliament gets “Bothered” about LGBT rights, Australia lifts its roadblock to overseas marriages, Ecuador cracks down on “cure” clinics, a trans-woman takes office in Bogota, U.S. marriage equality advances in Washington, Maryland and Maine, and more global news; plus a profile of trailblazing British gay advocate Edward Carpenter.

2/12/2012 This Way Out

A “cyber-preneur” dots the gays; A Lakota lesbian lassos a seat in the Minnesota legislature; U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon blasts African bias and brutality, South African lesbian killers draw heavy sentences, marriage equality advances in Washington and New Jersey, plus more global news; and pioneering U.S. lesbians rise to power in a “Rainbow Minute”

2/19/2012 This Way Out

A U.S. appeals court concludes that the Constitution can’t Prop up 8; Marriage equality crosses the threshold in the state of Washington, a St. Petersburg bill would outlaw LGBT advocacy, Britain jails Muslim anti-gay hate leafleters, the EuroCourt rejects Swedish homophobes’free speech claims, while Northern Cyprus’ sex law conflict becomes the latest Euro rights case, and more global LGBT news

2/26/2012 This Way Out

Governor Gregoire gives Washington a great wedding gift;
India’s religious fundamentalists appeal a landmark rights ruling;
Islamic U.N. countries decline to discuss sexual minorities, African
nations intensify LGBT repression, Australian parliamentarians
circulate marriage equality proposals, and more global LGBT news;
and a hit U.K. song assures LGBT youth that “It Does Get Better”!