January 2012 This Way Out Archives

1/8/2012 This Way Out

With copious clips and comments by many of their makers, our award-winning entertainment reporter Steve Pride offers his annual picks of the best LGBT-inclusive TV shows and motion pictures
of the past 12 months with his PRIDE ON SCREEN 2011

1/15/2012 This Way Out

Something Wiki this way comes: the case against Pvt. Bradley Manning; Jamaica’s new P.M. calls for sodomy law review, lesbian and gay couples plan their Cancun weddings as Hungary constitutionally bans them, a gay Malaysian national’s Irish civil partnership sparks outrage in his homeland, a pioneering sodomite passes away, Washington’s governor proposes marriage equality, and more global LGBT news

1/1/2012 This Way Out

His outspoken support for LGBT rights cost the Reverend Jimmy Creech his ordination in the United Methodist Church, but his ministry for justice is never-ending. His eye-opening analysis explains what made the Christian hierarchy so afraid of sex.

1/22/2012 This Way Out

A cross section of complex characters Sundance into movie theaters; The pioneering Tim Miller discusses performance politics; Blues innovator Ma Rainey is remembered in a Rainbow Minute; A Canadian Justice Department lawyer sparks foreign weddings panic, marriage equality is proposed in the U.S. state of Washington, Malaysia’s Anwar beats sodomy charges again, and more global LGBT news

1/29/2012 This Way Out

Slave traffickers trick Kenyan gay men into the Persian Gulf sex trade; Cuba considers civil unions, a gay Aussie MP plans Spanish nuptials, two U.S. states consider constitutional marriage bans, a U.K. court convicts hate leaflet distributors, and more global LGBT news; World War II code-breaker Alan Turing is stamped in a “Rainbow Minute”; and our literary commentator finds something new in the tried and true.