November 2011 Archives

We Were Here documents the advent of AIDS in San Francisco;
Riot Acts traces the travels of trans-musicians;
Taipei Pride parades for equality, there’s renewed life for Uganda’s
Kill the Gays bill, Brazil’s top appeals court favors same-gender
nuptials, Queensland lawmakers consider civil unions while New
Hampshire legislators advance a marriage equality repeal bill, and more

Michael Musto sets the table for celebrity gossip; A good Mormon Boy becomes a latter-gay saint; A British Commonwealth confab exposes post-colonial rights conflicts, the U.N. exposes Iran’s abuses against LGBT people, Indonesia’s sexual minorities get healthier at their first medical clinic, lesbian Ruth Davidson leads Scottish Conservatives, and more global LGBT news

High school halls house slammin’ trans-teen Ryan Cassata’s journey;
Michigan’s Senate passes a License to Bully bill; Poland christens gay and trans lawmakers, a cornucopia of queer candidates win in U.S. elections, DOMA repeal gets its first green light, global petitioners challenge Ecuador’s anti-lesbian torture clinics, pair-bonded penguins are split up to propagate, and more news

A lesbian comic’s audience participation freaks out a Fringe Festival;
Equality opponents get standing in Proposition 8’s shadow; A U.N. agency fears Nigeria’s proposed marriage and advocacy bans,
two Malaysian states consider double jeopardy for LGBT Muslims, Hong Kong sees its 22nd annual Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, religious
exemptions get excised from Michigan’s anti-bullying bill, more news