October 2011 This Way Out Archives

10/2/2011 This Way Out

Celebratory taps for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell; A U.S. federal judge takes the wraps off the Proposition 8 trial videos while a judge in Alaska rules for same gender couple property tax equity, a marriage equality proposal in the U.K. comes with a long engagement but a resolution of support pushes the issue in Australia, Emmy-winner Jane Lynch updates some Mad Men, and more LGBT news

10/9/2011 This Way Out

How We Won the demise of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell; Nigeria considers making same-gender marriage a crime, gay and lesbian couples win in U.K. and U.S. counts, the Prop 8 trial video isn’t
coming to a screen near you, a setback and an advance in the latest Don’t Ask skirmishes, debated outings target suspect anti-gay
Italian politicians, and more global LGBT news

10/16/2011 This Way Out

The U.K.‘s Kaleidoscope combines LGBT movements of many colors;
Cameron’s conservatism compels marriage equality, an evolving Obama is better on soldiers than same-gender couples, the price tag on the U.S. House’s DOMA defense triples, a landlord’s lockout sinks Uganda’s strange Sappho Islands, Belgrade cops cancel Pride to avert blood in the streets, and more global LGBT news

10/23/2011 This Way Out

One final entry in the Frank Kameny collection; A disabled U.S. lesbian vet fights DOMA-directed benefits bias, a rightwing challenge to California’s LGBT history lessons law fizzles, Poland’s fledgling political party propels a transwoman into parliament, the Presbyterian Church (USA) ordains its first openly gay pastor, Rio celebrates Pride, and more global LGBT news

10/30/2011 This Way Out

A double feature portrays Weekend romance Dirty Girl friendship;
High-visibility activism goes all glittery; A gay sex bust snares a Northern Cyprus dignitary while Zimbabwe denies condoms to prisoners because it’s illegal for men to have sex with men there, another bullied gay teen takes his own life, inequalities linger after Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal, and more global LGBT news