September 2011 This Way Out Archives

9/4/2011 This Way Out

Boys girls who live outside the box and the families who love them; A lesbian judge takes her custody case to the Inter-American Court, hundreds march against South African township anti-lesbian hate crimes,Uganda’s cabinet is at odds with parliament on the Kill the Gays bill, Sharia separates a married Indonesian lesbian couple, Australian MPs and the PM palaver about marriage equality, and more LGBT news

9/11/2011 This Way Out

Commemorating 9/11 With You; Presbyterians part ways over gay and lesbian ordinations, British activists evangelize for equality, Prop 8 pix go on trial, the case against an alleged junior high school hate murderer ends in a mistrial, feds harass a Don’t Ask hero over his White House protest, closeted U.S. service members prepare to come out in print, and more LGBT news

9/18/2011 This Way Out

A trans-performer gets top Billings; Historic lesbians are celebrated in Rainbow Minutes; Prop 8 proponents stand their ground;
South Africa’s new Chief Justice may drive its top court to the right,
three non-existent gay men may have been hanged in Iran, the Thai
Armed Forces reclassify katoeys, and more global LGBT news

9/25/2011 This Way Out

Confessions of Prairie Nellie Alison Arngrim; Gay Iranian Facebookers proclaim We Are Everywhere, while Ugandan family groups decree, Kill the Gays, transgenders have trouble in the Netherlands but triumph in Australia, the GOP doubles down on a North Carolina state DOMA, equality for partners is on the block in
Michigan New Hampshire, Life With Archie gets gayer, and more news