January 2017 Wave Project Archives

Flipside Flops 2: Vinyl Rarities and Forgotten Gems

It was another edition of "Flipside Flops" with Suzy Hang-Around to kick off our new year. Check the play list and look forward to her next visit!

Game Overture: the Best of 2016 Video Game Music

Zachary Weiss hosted top picks of the scores which built the tension and propelled the movement in 2016 video games. 

A dose of bluegrass this show on the Progressive Bluegrass Hour with Zach Tauer. Get in the mood for festival season by checking it out!

At Standing Rock: Behind the Scenes of a Powerful Prayer Camp

Producers Deborah McLaren and Rachel Yang bring you interviews with people who work behind the extremely well-coordinated camps and those who have been protecting water for a long time. You'll hear from artists, clergy, interested citizens and activists – Native and non-Native alike. They share what united the people interviewed and where the #NODAPL movement stands as of mid-January 2017. Special thanks to Ryan Dawes for editing and hosting, and musician Pura Fay for the music.  

Green or Not?

With all the "hype" on "Green" there is so much misinformation. Host Ramy Selim and guests cut through the "green washing" and help guide people through the true "green" process.