March 2016 Wave Project Archives

Redefining ink one author at a time – this is the mission of today's "Wave Project" hosts, Dara Beevas and Amy Quale. In honor of International Women's Day March 8th, Dara and Amy have invited two authors whose work has been published by Wise Ink. Roseanne Cheng and Katie Pierson speak about their writing journeys, putting ideas to paper while parenting small children at the same time.

Be Good to Your School – Do Wellness! This show is about the first-ever Wellness Day at Southwest H.S.

Project DIVA hosts this Wave Project! Project Diva provides the solution that most girls need for transitioning into adulthood around the world. Project DIVA is interrupting cycles of challenges to include teen pregnancy, low self esteem, sexual abuse, no direction and no hope.

Today, enjoy THE SOMA CONNECTION, a sci-fi punk-rock psychedelic radio drama created by host Andy Nowacki – he is the writer, director, producer, soundtrack composer & audio mixer.  This work is part of Andy's Sound Arts project at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  He rounds out the show with music that inspired him in creating his radio piece.