November 2013 Wave Project Archives

11/3/2013: Synthwaves: A New Journey

Synthwaves: A New Journey is a follow up to the December 2012 Wave Project Synthwaves a New Dimension of Sound. Noah Kaufmann Host of KFAI’s own Web Exclusive programming SynthWaves ( as well as guest DJ on KFAI’s Across The Board and Modern Kicks, takes you on a new journey into the New 80s synth scene..

11/10/2013: Veterans For Peace

Reflections on Armistice Day peace events and other peace issues with members of Veterans for Peace.

11/17/2013: Voices Crying In The Wilderness: The Work of Roy C. McBride

“I don’t want you to understand my poetry. I want my poetry to understand you.” Reflecting on the life and work of Twin Cities poet Roy McBride (1943-2011)

11/24/2013: Dave Peine: A Musical Autobiography

Growing up can mean hearing specific songs during specific times or at specific events in one’s life. Host David Peine takes you on a musical tour through childhood memories underscored by artists such as The Partridge Family, The Carpenters and Bruce Springsteen.