May 2013 Wave Project Archives

5/5/2013: Chican-Oh My Gosh, That's Funny!

What does “Chicano” mean? What and/or Who is Chican@ and how are these topics addressed by Chican@ members?

5/12/2013:Traditional Tibetan Medicine; Academic Leadership

Learn how to incorporate Tibetan Medicine practices in our daily lives for healthier living. Also, what academic leadership is from the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs from the University of Wisconsin

5/19/2013:Human Trafficking: From The Global to Minnesota

Causes and consequences of Human Trafficking; global and local challenges; prosecution and rehabilitation programs;opportunities for intervention and prevention.

5/26/2013: The Origins of the James Bond Theme

The unlikely combinations of composer Monty Norman and arranger John Barry that culminated in the iconic James Bond theme.