August 2012 Wave Project Archives

August 6th, 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of Jamaica's independence from the British flag. In 1966, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission began the National Festival Song Competition which quickly became one of the most popular elements in the annual Independence Celebration. Today's program features winners of the Festival Song contest as well as many hopeful entries. Your host is Ted Singer.

Venezuelan program of social organization and community development based on the collective practice of music through symphony orchestras and choruses, and the efforts to implement similar programs in Minneapolis and throughout the United States.

Hosted by Kelly Carter.

Join host Paul Riedner on a musical journey from a soldier’s perspective on the battlefield, on deployment, and returning home with songs that address issues surrounding war: corporate profiteering, often apathetic American public, modern propaganda, self and group censorship, divisive politics and institutional corruption.

Radio Diaspora. Music, local information and news on the African Diaspora in MN.
Hosted by Uche Iroegbu.