March 2010 Wave Project Archives

3/7/2010 Wave Project

Mr. Lucky’s Revisited
Host Charles Lord reviews the Twin Cities music scene in the mid 1960s and the bands that played in popular venues around the

3/14/2010 Wave Project

Class Party
Geneva, Jeremy and Sean from a recent KFAI Training Class demonstrate their expertise as new programmers and engineers with great music and brilliant conversation.

3/21/2010 Wave Project

Ideasideshow and Other Amusements
Peter Rich shares conversations he has had with young local progressives from the Twin Cities on a broad range of subjects such as the arts, entertainment and the green economy.

3/28/2010 Wave Project

The Lost 80s Return – Pledge Drive Special
Record collector Tony Johnson, with associates Stuart and Jeff, focus on forgotten and out-of-print music from the glorious 80s.