August 2011 Century Song Archives

8/7/2011 Century Song

Today we listened to the great Swedish group Hedningarna recorded live at the 2008 Nordic Roots Festival, by Chris Dronen and Dan Rein

We also heard flamenco music from the Manolo Caracol, live music from Paddy O’Brien, Tom Klein, and Ensemble Limousin.

8/14/2011 Century Song
8/21/2011 Century Song

Today we listened to a concert by Swedish fiddler, Joel Bremer. Joel appeared at Hosmer Public Library in January 2010. Recording Engineer was Mario Vano. Edited by Dan Rein

8/28/2011 Century Song

During the first hour we listen to music from the Arab world. As we approach the 9/11 anniversary, I think is important to look at the culture the government and the media demonizes. We first listened to the Arab world’s greatest singer, Oum Kalsoum performing Azkouriny. Then after that we listened to the premier Muezzin from Aleppo, Syria, Sabri Moudallal. Besides singing religious chants, he also sings the classical Wasla style. He sang Wasla Madath Nabawiyya. We finnish off with Allaoa Zerrouki, one of Berber sings of the Kabyle, Algeria.