July 2011 Century Song Archives

7/3/2011 Century Song

Today we listened the the Boys of the Lough in concert in St. Paul. Recording engineer was Chris Dronen, Edited by Dan Rein.

7/10/2011 Century Song

Today we listened to Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys, recorded live at the Cedar Cultural Center. Recording engineer was Chris Dronen.

7/17/2011 Century Song
7/24/2011 Century Song

Today during the first hour we listen North Indian singer, Devashish Dey, recorded in concert at the Cedar Cultural Center October 2010. Recording engineer was Mario Vano.

7/31/2011 Century Song

Today we heard a live concert by local wonder, Paul Metzger improvising on modified banjo and guitar. The concert was recorded at Hosmer Public library by Mario Vano and Dan Rein.

We also heard live tracks from Tom Klein, and Kenn Wanaku and Ensemble Limousin.