April 2011 Century Song Archives

4/3/2011 Century Song

Today we had special in studio guests, the Roe Family Singers.

4/10/2011 Century Song

Today during the first hour we heard music from Azerbaijan, Iran. It is another part in the series on the ethnic music of Iran, produced by Dan Rein and Baktash Boghrati.

During the second hour, Pam Guthrie of the Earthtones vocal group was a guest.

4/17/2011 Century Song

Today we had an interview with local Finnish-American group,, Kaivama. Kaivam is Sara Pajunon and Jonathan Rundman.

4/24/2011 Century Song

Today we had guests poet and performance artist, Andrea Assaf with vocalist, Aida Shahghasemi talking and performing parts of Eleven Reflections on September.

During the second hour we heard live music from Patty and the Buttons…Patrick Harison and Tony Balluf.