March 2010 Century Song Archives

3/7/2010 Century Song

Today we had many guests. We began with local mystery writer and Irish singer, Erin Hart. Erin sang a few songs about selkie and we talked about her latest book False Mermaid.
During the second hour we had members of the Women Performhers with local composer Asako Hirabayashi. There was also an interview with local Irish accordion master Paddy O’Brien talking about his group, Chulrua.

And the show finished out with Norah Rendal and Nathan Gourey of Two Tap Trio, playing and talking about their new CD.

3/14/2010 Century Song

Today we had an interview with Irish Accordionist Paddy O’Brien about his group Chulrua. During the second hour Hosmer librarian Roy Woodstrom interviewed Dan Rein about Iranian music, with live music on setar, Kurdish tanbur, and Torbat-e Jam dutar.

3/21/2010 Century Song

Today we listen to a program on the Regional Music of Iran. This the first show in a series of eleven shows focusing on the ethnic and regional music of Iran. Each month the program will focus on one particular region. This first show gave a brief overview of the many different regions and ethnicities that make up the rich and diverse culture of Iran. The show was produced by Dan Rein and Baktash Boghrati.

During the second hour we had in studio guests, Em Waadj, a local Arabic group. Members are Dawn Doering, Salah Fateh, Laura Harada, and Tim O’Keefe.

3/28/2010 Century Song

Thanks to everyone who called in to pledge support for KFAI. Today we heard music from various live radio shows or concerts that have happened at KFAi, Hosmer Library, and the Cedar Cultural Center…artists included were Parno Gratz of Hunary, Krautka of Denmark, Liz Olds, Sherry Minnick, Bajafondo or Argentina, Tony Hauser, and Altan.