March 2010 Songs Of Praise Archives

3/7/2010 Songs Of Praise

A very special thanks to Dr. Jeanette Robinson of Dayton OH for her weekly health tip, phoned in to the songs of praise audienc. A hearty thanks to Poet/ spoken word artist Ovidell for coming in to the studio and sharing with the songs of praise audience the good news of the stage play that’s coming soon to the twin cities area.

3/14/2010 Songs Of Praise

A special to Dr. Jeanette Robinson in Dayton OH for her phoned in health tips for the Songs of Praise Audience.

3/21/2010 Songs Of Praise

Traditional and new Gospel Music.

3/28/2010 Songs Of Praise

This pledge drive went pretty well. A special thanks to melinda J. for coming in to assist. Dr. Jeanette Robinson called at 08:55 due to a storm that took out the power in Dayton OH overnight.