January 2017 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives


The classic short story by Robert A. Heinlein, produced for the Dimension X series in 1950.  A generation starship where the society has forgotten they are on a ship.  Starring Mason Adams.

Drummer's Dome


Wilbur Murphy is sent by a magazine to investigate the tale of the Horseman of Space, a figure that rides up from the planet on a horse to greet incoming spaceships, though he doesn't wear a spacesuit and there are no horses on the planet.


Cl. L. Moore's first Northwest Smith story from 1933.  On Mars, smuggler Northwest Smith saves a girl from a drunken crowd, who calls her a Shambleau.  He takes her with him, but only later discovers that Shambleau feeds on the life-force of others.  Fortunately for Smith his Venusian patner Yarol comes looking for him, and he knows what a Shambleau is.  Directed by Yuri Rasovski for the 2000X series.

Light of Other Days

Even the Queen

Connie Willis' Hugo Award winning story from 1992, directed by Yuri Rasovski for the 2000X series.  It's a conversation among female members of a family, with one young woman who has gone and joined the cyclists.  No, it has nothing to do with personal vehicles, it's more about certain cycles that are peculiar to women.  

War of the Cotswolds


1984-like drama set in the State, Centropolis, which has solved all problems and is bio-engineering a triumph over death itself. Actors are recruited to play the public, and sometimes dangerous, roles of government officials, leaving the inner workings of government to proceed independent of public scrutiny. The German drama is orchestrated into sound bites, photo opportunities, and planned leaks.