December 2016 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

In The Embers

Part 1 of the feature length audio play from the Great Northern Audio Theatre.  

A song, a pressed flower, and the sound of two girl’s voices recovered from a burned wooden beam by using a laser to read its charred surface like the grooves of an old 78rpm record. These are the clues that archaeologist, Digger Morgan, discovers while working on a routine Maryland plantation dig. 

In The Embers, Act 2

Archaeologist Digger Morgan finds voices embedded in the charcoal of a burned out barn and tries to find out who they were and how they got there. Soon he hears the voice of 20s jazz singer Kit Jeffers talking to him out of his computer.  Science Fiction, jazz music, and physics combine to make an intriguing story.  Featuring Robin Miles and Edwin Strout, with KFAI's own Jacquie Maddix and Dean Johnson. 

Big Jim Chancer and the Space Pirates

Two episodes from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre's Big Big Space series, featuring the starship Amadan. In Mutiny on the Amadan Big Jim instigates a mutiny for the rights of the Expandable Characters Union.  And in Pirates of Pleasure Island the bridge crew is set adrift on an asteroid while the mutineers attempt to launch their own spinoff show. 

Big Jim's Pirate Song

Oh, a pirate's life is the one for me

The Curse of 589

A Nobel winning scientist is visited by a faerie and he is taken  by the technology she wields, called a "wand."  A light fantasy for a rainy evening.  Performed by the National Radio Theater of Chicago, written by Norman Corwin, directed by Yuri Rasovki.  Starring William Shatner and Studs Terkel.