May 2015 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives


It's About Time

Steve and Charlie just got a new job, at a travel agency, the It's About Time Travel Agency.  People go into the boss's office and they don't come out.  Where do they go?  It turns out that tahe name of the agency is very appropriate, and the pair is going to be required to do things for which they should be paid way more than minimum wage. 

Pop In, Pop Out … of Time

Feature PresentationBrad Lansky and the Rogue Era, Part 1, from in South Africa.  Biological or ‘B-life’ was overtaken by A-life centuries ago and now the balance of power is at the tipping point.

Feature Presentation – The conclusion of Brad Lansky and the Rogue Era, a hard science fiction story from in South Africa.  There is a rogue planet coming in toward Earth, and a military force has been dispatched to intercept it.  Brad Lansky and his crew have gotten there first, and found that it is invisible by design, meaning there is sentient life involved.  Written by J. D. Venne, produced by Dieter Zimmermann. 

Feature PresentationThe Fourth Ambit is an online universe.  Most people only know about the First Ambit, and maybe the Second Ambit, but normal people don't even know there is a Fourth.  But it knows about them.  Frazier is a tracker working for a corporation inside the Ambit world, and he's supposed to find out information about what other corps are doing.